Aunty Merle The Musical


What: Aunty Merle The Musical
Where: Baxter Theatre (end Jan 2019), Joburg Theatre (from Feb 2019).

Created by: Mark Lottering
Directed by: Lara Foot
With: Mark Lottering, Tracey-Lee Oliver, Loukmaan Adams, Gina Shmukler, Paul du Toit, Royston Stoffels, Tankiso Mamabolo and others


Scenes and Photos

This is a feel-good, fully Cape Town, totally lekker way to be in a theatre over this festive season, for everybody.

Aunty Merle has only gotten better since last year. This version is tighter, flows even better and the storyline is streamlined somehow. This maximises the laughs, enjoyment and delight. It is finely balanced by some powerful and moving performances. And of course, it is totally topical, relevant, and for those in the theatrical know, the in jokes about musicals land every time.

Megan Furniss

Weekend Special

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